This is an honour: talking everything Sarah Bernhardt with Sharon Marcus and John Stokes on BBC The Forum. I am thrilled, of course, that we speak of Bernhardt on stage AND SCREEN...This is what I have been advocating: women on the stage drove capacity across the arts and culture industries!!! (Recording is below the image)

This paper was part of a panel that explores the 'les deux orphelines', the two orphan sisters who were first featured in the melodrama, Les Deux Orphelines, at the Théâtre Porte St. Martin, Paris, in January 1874. Written by Eugène Cormon and Adolphe D'Ennery, the play became one of the most famous and enduring melodramatic vehicles in the late...

"Duckett's excellent skills as a researcher and a writer shine through. . . . Seeing Sarah Bernhardt therefore not only adds much needed context and analysis to the performances of the legendary Bernhardt, but it also shows the promise of intermedial research."--Theatre Journal