Masterclass in Virtual Production, Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia


I am newly back from Indonesia– where I have been delivering Masterclasses on Virtual Production (in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung and Yogyakarta). I loved sharing the platform with the wonderful Marissa Anita, an actress, journalist, and television news presenter who is intelligent, fun, and inquisitive. Our audience- drawn from across industry and educational sectors-asked a heap of interesting questions. One student was a physics student, inquiring about interdisciplinary learning, others asked about changes to performance and workflow, industry attendees asked about cost, access and availability (and training!). I can't say how much I enjoyed this outreach and engagement. A massive thanks to the two attendees who showed me their photos with me from 2019, and requested new updated versions!! And a shout out all the brilliant folks at the Australian Embassy in Indonesia, to Deakin International (Lina Darliana, the Country Manager in particular) and to Marissa Anita.