Women and the Silent Screen


Editor of Screening the Past, with Dr Susan Potter.

Our title for this special dossier, "Women and the Silent Screen", is a porous one that indicates - among other things - the possibilities of female agency in early twentieth century cinema and modern life

This special dossier grew from the incredible work presented at the Women and Silent Screen conference (VII) which I had the privilege of bringing to Australia for the first time in 2013. 

We were fortunate to have the support of an strong group of expert colleagues who served on our Board of Referees for this Special Dossier: 

Mark Lynn Anderson, University of Pittsburgh; Kay Armatage, University of Toronto; Janet Bergstrom, University of California, Los Angeles; Giorgio Bertellini, University of Michigan; Elaine Burrows, Women's Film and Television History Network, UK/Ireland; Vicki Callahan, University of Southern California; Mark Garrett Cooper, University of South Carolina; Adrian Danks, RMIT University; Minette Hillyer, Victoria University of Wellington; Sabine Lenk, University of Antwerp; Richard Maltby, Flinders University; Jill Julius Matthews, Australian National University; David Mayer, University of Manchester; Jacqueline Reich, Fordham University; Matthew Solomon, University of Michigan; Yiman Wang, University of California, Santa Cruz; Virginia Wright Wexman, University of Illinois, Chicago.