Geelong Outreach: Local Arts Community building


In my role as Associate Head of School, Partnership and International, I was part of the team that built and developed this inaugural collaboration between Deakin University and the newly re-built Geelong Arts Centre.  Profiling the creative work led by Deakin staff and students and demonstrating the strength of Deakin's engagement in the community, REFLEX was a brilliant community driven event. It  

  • grew new creative partnerships between Deakin university staff and students and Geelong-based creative industries
  • built new interdisciplinary collaborations between disciplines within the SCCA (School of Communication and Creative Arts) 
  • Promoted and showcased creative and performing arts career opportunities at Deakin for regional and educational growth 
  • Facilitated  current students to attend the event and have their study options framed and showcased within a professional context 
  • Reiterated our commitment to regional education, partnerships and growth.

Here are some Deakin colleagues and collaborators, with our new VC, Professor Iain Martin who attended the inaugural event. I'm in the Marimekko flowers below. Photo courtesy of Donna Squire.