Master Classes in Indonesia: on Microbudgets and Australian Film


In 2019 I attended and ran Master Classes on "Micro Budget Filmmaking" at Hasanuddin University, Makassar. I also ran these classes at the Festival Sinema Australia, hosted by Ruang Film Bandung. I did this in the executive role I was appointed to as Deakin University's Associate Head of School, Partnerships international (SCCA). 

In Makassar, I was joined by Aron Corbett, Consul, Australian Consul-General, as well as the Director of Partnerships, Dr. Ir. Muhammad Iqbal Djawad. I was also guest at the  Festival Sinema Australia Indonesia launch, with the Consul-General, Richard Mathews. 

In Badung, I was joined by Lydia Trotter, Australian Consul in Jakarta. Attendees included: 


Hasanuddin University, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Universitas Muhammadiyah Kendari, UIN Alauddin university, Meditatif Films, Deep Film, Imitation Film Project, Makassar State University, Bosowa School Makassar


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This was my first time to Indonesia.What did I discover? Attentive audiences, engaged humour, a passion for cinema, and amazing, amazing food. I loved travelling by train from Makassar to Badung, meeting people equally passionate about film, and  getting to know the Deakin University Agents: Sebastian Gunawan, Zaky Muftada, Rinda Wati, and Lina Darliana. Thank you!