2020: the Year of Building (distance learning)


With my colleague Liz Baulch I wrote a piece during coronavirus lockdown for the New York-based journal, Millenium Film Journal. This is the longest-running publication devoted to artists' moving image. What motivated the article was our experience in teaching film online. We were delivering classes in filmmaking, TV production and criticism online at Deakin University and had to re-vamp all pedagogy for our new term in about the space of 2 weeks.

We thought that it was really exciting what is emerging, especially in pedagogy. Our title for the piece was: 'To teach without touch: reflections on distance teaching. ' See a link below for the content, published in Fall 2020.

Liz and I are continuing our reflections on teaching, collaborating on an article for Alphaville (2021) entitled 'Left to my own devices, I probably could: reflections on inclusive pedagogy and gender equity in a year of pandemic lockdown.' Stay tuned.