Pandemic Interviews: Arguing for access to Australian films online


In  May, 2020 I was invited by a variety of people and platforms to speak about Australian films and their accessibility (or not!!) online. My concern (and interest) was piqued by the discussions I was having with archivists across the globe about the shifts they had made in order to make  films available to people in lockdown.  What I was noticing was that the only films my students could access online was through Deakin's Kanopy and Informit Edu, and this really limited the filmography I could draw upon to teach!!  

I was interviewed by Jules Schiller on ABC Adelaide Drive on May 22 and by Mikayla Floriano on May 18 on 2esr ('Why you'll have trouble watching Aussie Archival film':

Here is a picture of me in the same month in the 'actual' world doing nothing related to film :) Below that is the link to my interview. 

Covid-19 in quarantine
Covid-19 in quarantine